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Growing up in Del Norte County surrounded by our beautiful old growth forests, I realized early on that I wanted a career that allowed me to be outdoors. The older I got I realized my passion for not only the outdoors but also for the trees and the ability to take a renewable resource and create a finished product. I had watched many videos on different types of sawmills and in 2008 my wife Nichole and I decided we were going to buy a Woodmizer Sawmill and start our own business. Since then my passion has been enforced by the beautiful and guilt-free products we are able to create.

We are located in Northern California, in the midst of some of the most beautiful old growth redwood forests. We specialize in custom milling of salvaged old growth redwood, young growth redwood as well as other species of wood found in Northern California. Our old growth salvaged redwood comes from logs that previous loggers left behind. Some of these logs have been down for 80+ years. This is some of the most beautiful guilt-free wood you can find.

Even our second growth woods are guilt-free and harvested responsibly. Many people are unaware of the damage bears can do to trees. They actually rip the bark off and eat the sap wood. When this happens, they open the tree up to fungus and bug problems, and eventually the tree begins to die. We harvest all our second growth wood from trees that are doomed to die from bear kills.

Here a TCS we use a new woodmizer Band Sawmill. We cut the logs on site into beautiful useable lumber for your next home project. Not only will you have the best and most long lasting wood, but you will have a wonderful story to tell as well.